Luxa tileable shower base and frameless glass screens - Guaranteed Leakproof for 10 Years.


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Tile Shower System

The LUXA tile shower system comprises a tileable shower base and a 10mm framelss-glass enclosure. LUXA is available iin 14 standard shower-base sizes which can be installed onto a bathroom floor or rebated level with the floor. With mutiple enclosure configurations, the door can be hung on either the left-hand or right-hand side. Alternatively, LUXA can be purchased as a 'walk-thru' shower with glass panels only therefore not requiring any door. The tile-over LUXA shower base is warranteed with a  15 year leakfree guarantee.

Design and Manufacturing

Each LUXA shower base is accurately laser cut, cnc folded, and welded from marine-grade aluminium. The shower base underside is fibreglass-reinforced , making for a durable, stable and guranteed leak-free product.

Luxa Shower Components:
(A) proBASE tile-ready shower base.
(B) 10mm Frameless Shower Screens complete with chrome hinges and required hardware.
(C) Standard Double 'D' handles supplied.

Also required is the specified ''ECW50' Easy-Clean Trap with stainless-steel grate

Leakproof Guarantee

The Vivo tile shower base / tray is guaranteed to contain all water from its use as a shower base and to  be free of  manufacturing defects for 15-years from date of sale.


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