Vivo Tile shower trays NZ made. Tile RITE Tile ready shower tray and glass. Guaranteed Leakproof. Reliance Shower Trays NZ Wide

15-Year Leakproof

Tile Shower Base

  • One-piece Aluminium
  • Tray Sides Along Walls
  • Built-in Drainage Slope
  • Easy-clean Trap
  • On-floor or Level-entry

Frameless Glass

  • 10mm Enclosure
  • 1950mm Height
  • Quality Hardware


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              Tile Shower Trays NZ Can Rely On

vivo tiled shower  Vivo Tile Shower System    

Vivo is perfectly designed to eliminate leaks, an all-too-common problem of tiled showers.

Vivo features the TILE RITE tile shower tray manufactured in NZ from a one-piece, marine-grade aluminium sheet, epoxy-coated and tile ready.

The TILE RITE tray has sides around the walls providing superior waterproofing and the shower base threshold / step ensures water stays inside the shower area.

Speically designed with built-in drainage gradient to eliminate ponding under tiles and utilising an easy-clean trap it provides accurate drainage and a watertight drain.

Complete with a 10mm frameless-glass enclosure and quality chromed brass and stainless steel hardware Vivo delivers the whole package - superior function and stunning design.


Vivo is supplied with:

TILE RITE tile shower tray logoVivo tiled shower tray dwg

The Vivo Tile Shower Base and Glass System Includes:
  • TILE RITE One-piece epoxy-coated aluminium tileable shower base, NZ made.
  • 10mm frameless glass enclosure.
  • Height-adjustable easy-clean trap.
  • 15 Year Leakproof Guarantee.

The Vivo Tile Shower System is available in 12 sizes (24 profiles): 2-Sided Corner, 3-Sided Alcove, and Angle-shaped all with multiple frameless glass shower configurations.

The standard threshold / step tile shower base can be installed 'on-floor or 'rebated', level with the floor. Flush-Entry/ Non-threshold tile shower bases are available by special order NZ wide.

Reliance Showers provides Vivo Tile Shower Systems direct to homeowners, builders, and plumbers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and throughout NZ.

Vivo Tile Shower Systems are available in a full range of standard sizes.

pdf icon    2-Sided Square Tile Shower Trays & Glass -- 2 sizes / 2 glass configurations
pdf icon    2-Sided Rectangle Tile Shower Trays & Glass -- 3 sizes / 3 glass cofigurations
pdf icon    3-Sided Alcove Tile Shower Trays & Glass -- 5 sizes / 5 glass configurations)
pdf icon    Angle Tile Shower Trays & Glass -- 2 sizes / 2 glass configurations
pdf icon    Flush Entry Trays & Glass -- By Special Order.Please Contact Us for Pricing

To order your Vivo Tile Shower System, please contact our friendly team directly:

Ph: (09) 273 4542.

Vivo Corner Tile Shower Trays are available NZ wide -- Download a Brochure


Shower Accessories

pro NICHE tiled shower niche logo  pro NICHE Recessed Shampoo Niche

               pro NICHE tiled shower niche                            

Handle Options

The standard Vivo shower handle is a 'Round D', however a 'Square D' handle is available as an optional-extra.

tiled shower handles

Glass Corner Shelves

Glass shelves are manufactured from toughened saftey-glass. Shelf dimensions are 200 x 200 x 8mm with a curved front edge. The shelves are easily installed to the finished wall tile at an internal corner.

                                              tiled shoser shelves


Aqua Shield Glass Protectant

Utilising modern nano-technology, Aqua Shield provides protection to your tile shower glass for a period of 10 years from application. Aqua Shield prevents minerals and other impurities prevalent in the water supply from etching and staining the glass.


aqua shield glass coating



pro BASE tile shower trays NZ made

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