TILE RITE Tileable Shower Base






Tile Shower Base

TILE RITE tileable shower bases provide the profile and slope required to build a successful tiled shower onsite. Traditional sand and cement screeded shower bases requiring great skill, and time, are eliminated.

TILE RITE standard bases are available as a centre-drain outlet, or a Custom Option can be ordered. Check out our new addition, TILE RITE linear, a single-slope / channel-drain base.

TILE RITE shower bases are CNC manufactured and are available in a choice of high-density polyurethane foam or marine-grade, treated plywood.

In many instances, a standard TILE RITE base can be easily modified to custom requirements on-site by a builder, tiler or DIY. A TILE RITE base is simply glued to the floor and a continuous waterproofing membrane is applied over the entire shower base and shower wallboard.

Tile installation can now begin.

Instant, correct slope and shape is provided
Simply glued to concrete or timber floors
‘On-Floor’ or ‘Rebated-Floor’ installations
Guaranteed for 15-Years (when protected from moisture)


TILE RITE tile shower bases can be ordered to suit your size and drain position requirements. Perfect for refitting an existing shower or creating a new one.

See the Custom Size Worksheets or Email Us for more information.